Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Terms and conditions

1.1 _ These general conditions are applicable to all services offered by Pinoy Balikbayan Box and all legal relationships between

the customer and Pinoy Balikbayan Box.

1.2 _ The packing-lists need to be completed in English, completely and in accordance with the truth. Pinoy Balikbayan Box

retains the right to make routine spot checks to verify the contents of the box.

1.3 _ The customer should know that Pinoy Balikbayan Box shall not be held liable for goods shipped in the box, subject

to either in- / export prohibitions or restrictions.

Article 2: Shipping Conditions

2.1 _ The shipping will take place with so called “balikbayan boxes” supplied by Pinoy Balikbayan Box or by yourself. These boxes

have the dimensions of 72x43x56. (inside) and the total box weight should not exceed 60kg, otherwise the driver will not pick it up.

2.2 _ The boxes for shipment must be properly sealed and have correct and normal dimensions. Boxes which deviate from

the inner dimensions of 72x43x56cm (improper packing) will not be covered by insurance. We will make notice to the

customer spoken words and in writing, in case of a rejection of the “balikbayan boxes”.

2.3 _ Boxes must be ready for pick-up at the most convenient spot (downstairs front door), clearly marked with packing list no.  the sender and recipient's complete address on the box.

Article 3: Prices

3.1 _ The shipping fees are established in accordance with the quotation.

3.2 _ All charges except for import duties are included in the shipping fees.

3.3 _ In case the sender sends goods for which import duties are due, the sender owes an additional amount.

3.4 _ At pick-up date the customer will pay the shipping fees in cash or with bank payment link to the driver of Pinoy Balikbayan

Box. The driver will supply a receipt as proof of payment. This receipt needs to be kept as proof of shipment.

receipt damage claims cannot be accepted.

Article 4: Obligations of Carrier

4.1 _ Pinoy Balikbayan Box will handle the shipment with the utmost care and attention.

4.2 _ Pinoy Balikbayan Box will pick-up and deliver the boxes at the address written on the box and shipping documents, except if

due to strikes, acts of nature, armed conflicts or other threatening situations, delivery at the address listed is not made possible.

4.3 _ Pinoy Balikbayan Box guarantees that all personal data supplied to Pinoy Balikbayan Box in connection of this shipment

will not be supplied to third parties to safeguard the privacy of the customer.

4.4 _ Pinoy Balikbayan Box will endeavour to advise the customer 2 workdays before the pick-up day, the day and part of the day

the boxes will be collected.

4.5 _ Pinoy Balikbayan Box guarantees it will do its utmost to deliver the boxes in a good condition and at the address in the

Philippines as indicated, except in the case of the problems as mentioned in article.

4.2. In the event Pinoy Balikbayan Box

fail to deliver, the customer is entitled to compensation as mentioned in article 6.

4.6 _ Pinoy Balikbayan Box will try to make as much as possible pictures of the clearance, and delivery of the “balikbayan boxes”.

as proof of delivery and that there delivered in good hands.

Article 5: Obligations of the Sender

5.1 _ The sender will offer for transportation properly packed boxes, Customs Declaration clearly and correctly filled up. Recipients complete address label on the box. Only which boxes will not contain undeclared, restricted,

illegal or banned items, including firearms, ammunition, illegal drugs or combustible goods.

5.2 _ Boxes should be on the most convenient place “downstairs front door”, for the crew to pick up.

5.2 _ Sender must inform consignee/receiver to check boxes and contents during delivery and indicate condition of box in the

remarks area of the Proof of Delivery. Once it is duly received and delivery men have left no more claims shall arise thereof.

Claims should be addressed and filed in writing to Pinoy Balikbayan Box within seven (7) days upon receipt of cargo. After

the allotted time no more claims will be entertained.

5.4 _ Sender will be present at the agreed date to hand over the box.

Article 6: Damage Claims

6.1 _ Damage claims in case of total loss of the contents of the box are limited to the amount of € 150,00 (one hundred fifty

euro) per box.

6.2 _ Damage claims are to be filed in writing.

6.3 _ All kinds of appliances, electronic/electrical equipment and breakable items are not considered for any damage claim.

Pinoy Balikbayan Box advise shipper/sender that these appliances/equipment/items should be left in its original packing.

but will state clearly that shipment is always entirely for the risk of shipper/sender.

6.4 _ Of all goods with a listed value of more than € 100,00 the purchase slip needs to be shown. If it is not available, the day.

value will be estimated and paid.

6.5 _ We advise not to ship goods with an emotional value, as the value is priceless and will create disputes. If the customer

ships such item, the day value applies in this case too.

6.6 _ Only items listed on the packing list can be issue of compensation. Claims that are not in the packing list are not eligible.

for settlement.

6.7 _ Customs and excise and custom formalities on items declared, not or incorrectly declared are for the account of the sender.

6.8 _ Damages to the box and its contents due to any kind of liquids packed inside the box is not covered by insurance and will be entirely for the risk of the sender.