Latest Status update for this shipping.
(ETA) Estimated time of arrival at Cebu Port: July 2

(contact us if your area is not included on the list)
  • April 12 : Rotterdam area

  • April 13 : Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle (Full)

  • April 14: Dordrecht, Brabant area, Belgium (few slots left)

  • April 19: Rotterdam area

  • April 20: Den Haag, Amsterdam area, Utrecht area (Full)

  • April 21: Dordrecht, Brabant Area, Belgium (Few slots left)

  • April 26: Rotterdam area

  • April 27: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht. (Few slots left)

    Containers will be going to Cebu Port instead of Manila. Boxes to Luzon, Mindanao & the rest of Visayas will be transferred to designated warehouse for distribution.