Frequently asked questions?

Here are some facts and Information about “Pinoy Balikbayan Box” and how it’s done .(please click on the questions to reveal the answers)

What is a Balikbayan Box?

A Balikbayan box refers to a package of personal effects or “pasalubong”sent from Filipinos working or residing abroad to their families, relatives, or friends in the Philippines. Balikbayan boxes enhance the Filipino culture and tradition of promoting and preserving strong family ties through caring and love expressed in gift – giving.

What are the items allowed in a Balikbayan Box?

According to the Philippine Bureau of Customs, items that are allowed to be shipped inside balikbayan boxes are non-commercial goods or items that are strictly for personal use only and not in commercial quantity. These items may include clothing, grocery items and canned goods, and apparel: the value of which should not exceed the amount of 350EUROS .

What is the size of Pinoy Balikbayan Box?

Our Balikbayan box has a standard size of 72x43x56 – 72 liters

How often does “Pinoy Balikbayan Box” ship to The Philippines?

We ship by sea cargo vessel every month. We load our container every end of the month, however the loaded container has to stay at least a week at the port before departure.

You can arrange for us to pick up your balikbayan boxes from Friday to Sunday, depending on you location.

What is the weight limit when sending your balikbayan box with “Pinoy Balikbayan Box”?

We do not have a weight limit, but we do suggest to keep to 50 kilos to avoid damages to your box, since a box is made of carton, it has it’s limitations.

What items are not allowed to be included in a balikbayan box?

We comply with the requirements of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Philippine Shipper’s Bureau (for sea cargo) and we would like to remind our customers of the things that are not allowed to be included in balikbayan boxes:

  1.  currencies, checks, money orders and travelers checks
  2. pieces of jewelry
  3. firearms,amunitions and explosives
  4. prohibited drugs and substances
  5. pornographic materials,gambling cards and toy guns
  6. pirated products i.e. cd, tapes etc.
  7. perishable items, liquid items.
What are the items that i can send?

You can send anything except the things that are listed in the restricted items above. We can ship household items such as beds, lounge, fridge, and LCD televisions for special shipping rates. If you are interested in sending items mentioned, please send us an email or call us to inquire about the rates.

 What Causes the delay of balikbayan boxes to their ultimate consignees? 

As much as “Pinoy Balikbayan Box”. would like to deliver your  balikbayan boxes to the Philippines in time, there are some situations beyond our control that may cause the delay in delivery to the ultimate consignees.
Below are some of the factors that can cause delays or non-delivery of the balikbayan boxes  to the consignees in the Philippines:

  1. Unforeseen circumstances or/and natural calamity such as earthquake or typhoon that sets back the arrival of the cargo carrying vessels, or Road Delivery.
  2. The consolidated shipment is tainted by:
    • Mis-declared or undeclared goods/items;
    • Regulated or banned cargoes such as prohibited drugs, ammunitions and firearms, gambling materials or apparatus, pornographic materials and pirated products.
    • Products that are in commercial quantity. (more than 12 items of the same kind is considered a commercial item)
    • Consolidated shipments that are abandoned by the Philippine representative, agent or broker for reasons of non-remittance of funds by the foreign freight forwarding entity / consolidator.
    • Wrong address and contact details of the consignee / recipient in the Philippines
    • Hard to find consignee / recipient address
    • The recipient / consignee lives in very remote area or a place where our team needs to cross a river.
    • The recipient lives in war-torn or potentially dangerous or critical areas such as Basilan.
Delivery time frame
  • Transit time from the port of Rotterdam to Manila takes about 6 to 7 weeks. (via Singapore)
  • BOC Release takes about 3 to 7 days
  • Metro Manila takes about 5 to 7 days after the container has been released from the BOC
  • North & South Luzon 10 to 15 days ( after the container has been released from the BOC)
  • Visayas & Mindanao including Palawan 15 to 21 days (after the container has been released from the BOC).