Please be informed of the prohibited Items for Balikbayan Boxes to Philippines :

  • Tyre/Rim
  • Petrol / Gasoline
  • Machine Operated
  • Air Gun or any Gun / Rifle
  • Alcohol or any liquid that causes flame
  • Painting Materials such as paint
  • Battery or any material with Alkaline content.
If Customs find such items during x-ray and examination inside your boxes,
your boxes will be held at the Philippine Customs Authorities.
Please follow these guidelines to avoid delays.

Please Pack Your Box Wisely!!

  • We give no limit to your box, but be sure to be reasonable that the ones who will handle you boxes has limitations as well.
  • These boxes will be damaged if you overstuffed them.
  • We are not held responsible for damaged boxes not properly packed.
  • Strong yet Smooth plastic packaging tapes are highly recommended.
  • Please make sure to write your consignee’s address clearly on the box.
  • List the contents of your box on the packing list, carefully clearly and  accurately.
  • There are strict regulations for Balikbayan boxes which are to be considered. Violations of these rules are at your expense.
  • Name of Sender  (Pangalan ng nagpadal) On The Box and on the Packing list.
  • Name of Consignee (Pangalan ng tatanggap) On The Box and on the Packing list.
  • Complete Sender’s Address
  • Complete Consignee’s Address & Contact number. On The Box and on the Packing list.

If you need a Packing, just click this link Download Our Packlist and save it to your PC.

Please Print 2 copies for every box. packing tip