May 2017

Normal Delivery time applies 6 to 8 weeks after the container leaves the Port of Rotterdam.
(and not the pickup date)!

Status Update: Delivery Complete!

July 4: Container arrived at Manila Port

July 7: Released from the BOC

July 8: Unloading and sorting our of boxes per Destination

Delivery will start per destination as soon as possible!





Pick up schedule for May 2017

Limited container space!

May 6: Den Haag / Amsterdam / Utrecht / Vlaardingen
May 13: Antwerp / Brussel / Brabant area
May 18 – 19: Luxemburg – (please have your boxes picked up by your agents on time)
May 20: Netherlands (Limited Space)
May 21: Antwerp,Brussel

May 24 : Container Loading
Container’s ETD: May 26
Container’s ETA at Manila Port: July4

First picked up boxes will be loaded first!