July 2020

Normal delivery time applies 6 to 8 weeks after the container leaves the Port of Rotterdam.

Not the pickup date!

Because of the current situation (COVID19), delivery might be delayed. Our forwarder is doing their best to deliver your boxes on time.

Please bear with us.

  • July 4 – Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Lelystad
  •  July 5 – Belgium, Brabant
  • July 11- Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Lelystad
  • July 12  – Belgium, Brabant area
  • July 18- Amsterdam, North Netherlands
  • July 19 – Belgium, Brabant area
  • July 24- Luxemburg, Florenville (Reserve early and have your agent’s pickup your boxes on time, Full is Full!)
  • ETD Rotterdam Port: August 7
  • ETA Manila Port: September 22

Claim your Space in the container before it’s too late!

Full is Full!

Please book / Reserve your pickup schedule on time.

First picked up boxes will be first loaded.