February 2017

Normal Delivery time applies 6 to 8 weeks after the container leaves the Port of Rotterdam.
(and not the pickup date)!

Arrived at the warehouse April 24, and  Delivery is in Full Swing!

Status update: May 4, 2017

  • Metro Manila: All boxes Delivered
  • Luzon 1: All boxes delivered
  • Luzon 2: 98% Delivered
  • Luzon 3 & 4: All Delivered
  • Visayas: 90% Delivered
  • Mindanao: 45% Delivered




Call or email us for pickup schedule in your area.

Full is Full!

February 4: Amsterdam Area
February 11: Brabant Area
February 18: Antwerp Belgium & Brabant area
February 19: Brussels Belgium
February 25: Amaterdam Area
February 26: Luxemburg (please have your agents pickup your boxes on time)

Container's ETD at Rotterdam Port: March 6
Container's ETA at Manila Port: April 20

Please note that Container's ETA is just Estimates and can be changed anytime.